Malum - Logo (t-shirt)

Malum - Logo (t-shirt)

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Malum - official logo t-shirt!

Malum has risen from the ashes as a brand new entity in the Norwegian underground scene. The prime directive is raw, melodic and atmospheric black metal. Embracing the pain, anger and agony that is this existence

After an extensive writing process Malum formed as a 2 piece studioproject in 2020, followed by the release of their debut EP "Ad Mortem" in 2022 and debut album "In Nauseam" in 2023.


For fans of Mgla, Groza and Odraza!

Now Malum has teamed up with Hellstain Productions for physical release of “In Nauseam” with official merch, and with a complete lineup Malum will greet their fans live at their debug gig 6.6.2024 at John Dee in Oslo, Norway together with Thale and Krapyl