Kirkebrann - Mot Trellenes Forfall... (LP)

Kirkebrann - Mot Trellenes Forfall... (LP)

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Hellstain Productions presents KirkebrannMot Trellenes Forfall…

This release marks the beginning of a new era in Kirkebrann's 20 years of existence with its unrestrained force in conveying dreadful harmonies and sound of inspiration from the dark forces that are enclosing upon humanity's imminent downfall.

The album features multiple guests on vocals of madness and triumph; Dødsherre (Djevelkult), Nasreten (Carpathian Forrest), Cornu (Svikt), Lianne Crossburner (ex. Edenkaiser), Skrotmunn Blåskrott (Likfunn), and intro on "Nattevred" by Blodkreft. Mastered by Colin E. Davis of Imperial mastering.

For fans of Urgehal, Gorgoroth og Tulus

Kirkebrann has ventured from the early days of 2004 to 2024 with increasingly more aggressive, epic themes of real-world tragedy as they unfold before our very eyes. The second full length has been in the making for almost a decade with some of those songs performed live for the same amount of time through blasphemy, blood and existential dread!

Release Year: 2024
Label: Hellstain Productions